Planning for the Future

Probate, wills & trusts, advance decisions, lasting powers of attorney, deputyship

Julie Burton Law aims to provide a rounded service to its clients. We therefore provide advice in relation to planning for the future and taking steps to safeguard the interests of our clients' financial well being and welfare when or if they lose capacity.

We do this by:

  • Drawing up wills, including provision by way of discretionary trusts for those without capacity (e.g. an adult with a learning disability)
  • Advising in relation to the administration of estates
  • Drawing up advance decisions in relation to particular treatment options which are not wanted in the event of future incapacity
  • Drawing up and attending to registration of lasting powers of attorney (LPA) in respect both of property and affairs and also health and welfare decision making
  • Applying to the court of protection for the appointment of a deputy when this is needed in relation to either financial matters or health and welfare decisions (when some one has lost or has never had capacity and alternative decision making provision is not in place)
  • Advising in relation to appointees
  • Applying for a deputyship order to be discharged where capacity has been regained

Case studies

Mrs and Mrs A - parents of two adults with profound learning disabilities assisted to draw up wills aimed at ensuring that their children would receive the benefit of their inheritance properly managed on their behalf by trustees but without impacting on entitlement to welfare benefits.

W - drawing up advance decision refusing hospital admission in the event of epileptic seizures.

J - assisting partner of woman with early onset dementia to be appointed as her deputy, including authority to sell jointly owned property.


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